Letter of endorsement

To whom it may concern

During 2018 my school decided to implement the Future-FUN CAPS (FFC) curriculum as developed by Futurekids SA. All the staff was trained to use FFC in every classroom. To my surprise the system was totally Computer based and the ease of use was just astonishing.

I decided to use the system with my grade 7s from the start of 2019. This was also the year that I became a PLC leader in Gauteng West (Senior phase English).

I would as an educator and as a PLC leader endorse this ICT resource to any school that wished to use more than just a textbook. The interactive E-books with presentations, videos and worksheets had a huge effect academically on my learners. Just in term 1 marks dramatically improved. The system also makes life easier for the educator as most of the administration work and assessments are already done for them. This results in better lesson preparation and delivery. All round I give this program a 10/10.

The full ATP is covered. This I personally verified. The full CAPS curriculum is covered. This were also verified by our Gauteng West PLC.

I even have my grade 7 son now using the online version of Future-FUN CAPS as the benefits are numerous.

PLC LEADER 2020 and Educator D2 Gauteng West

For more information on FutureFUN-CAPS - 072 120 0369